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Undergraduate Degrees

Traditional Ministry Degrees

Traditional Ministry Degrees

Many people go into college not knowing exactly what they want to do with their life, but if YOU already feel called to minister to the church, these programs are for you. These programs focus on classroom preparation to serve in the local church context as a preacher, Bible teacher, or even a cross-cultural missionary.

Bachelor of Christian Ministry/Preaching

If you want to preach, this is the degree for you!


Objectives — Upon completion of a degree program including the courses in this concentration, the student shall:

  • Demonstrate ability to use verbal and exegetical skills in an oral presentation of the gospel.

  • Demonstrate ability to perform the traditional duties of a Christian minister by officiating at regular and special services of the church, weddings and funerals, and administering the program of a local congregation.

  • Demonstrate ability to work with people on an individual basis through personal evangelism, teaching and counseling.

  • Demonstrate by attitude, study and work habits a commitment to the preaching ministry and the local church as God’s means of proclaiming redemption in Christ.

Bachelor of Christian Ministry/Missions

This degree program focuses on Church Growth and Cross-Cultural Missions


Objectives — Upon completion of a degree program including the courses in this concentration, the student shall:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Biblical basis, historical development and current trends in missions.

  • Give evidence by activities in and out of the classroom that he/she possesses a strong commitment to evangelize the lost throughout the world.

  • Explain the world views of the major religions of the world.

  • Be able to direct a local congregation into greater participation in supporting world evangelism.

  • Demonstrate that he/she is equipped to function and communicate effectively in his own culture or another cultural group through mastering courses dealing with such skills and/or through participation in on-the-field experience.



Bachelor of Christian Education with Concentration in Youth Ministry

If you want to serve the church in youth ministry and/or Christian Education this is your degree.


Objectives — Upon completion of a degree program including the courses in this concentration, the student shall:

  • Articulate a philosophy of Christian Education in the local church, based upon Biblical principles.

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify the basic characteristics, psychological and spiritual needs of each age group and select the most appropriate teaching methods for each.

  • Demonstrate his/her ability to teach the Word of God effectively in the local church.

  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and develop an appropriate curriculum for a complete Christian Education program in a local church.

  • Demonstrate adequate leadership skills necessary for organizing and supervising an effective educational program in a local church.

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Bachelor of Christan Leadership

Bachelor of Christian Leadership

MSCC’s flagship degree program is the Bachelor of Christian Leadership. This degree program is one that combines actual resume building experience with classroom learning to provide a degree that is actually worth what you pay. The degree is a cohort program where entering freshmen are placed on a team that will study together for the next four years. Meeting regularly as a team, they will envision, plan, and launch a new ministry outreach before they graduate.


The Bachelor of Christian Leadership degree prepares you with all of the leadership skills that you will need to succeed in any career or profession. You will acquire team building skills, strategic planning and project management skills, as well as the actual hands-on experience of organizing and managing an actual ministry outreach.

Objectives — Upon completion of a degree program including the courses in this concentration, the student shall:

  • Demonstrate ability to visualize the concept, define the outcomes, plan the execution, and initiate the beginning of a ministry project.

  • Demonstrate ability to work on a team of diverse individuals, capitalizing on each member’s strengths and gifts to achieve a common goal.

  • Demonstrate ability to develop financial and human resources needed to create and manage a new ministry.

  • Demonstrate by attitude, study and work habits a commitment to establish and maintain a ministry organization as a means of extending the Kingdom of God.

Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree Programs

Two Bachelor Degrees for the Price of One! These degrees are offered in conjunction with Indiana Wesleyan University. Graduates will receive two baccalaureate degrees, one from MSCC and another from IWU.

If you want to serve the Kingdom of God, but not in a traditional church related vocation, one of these might be the degree for you.


Bachelor of Christian Education

This degree is a program emphasizing the knowledge, skills, and disposition of an early childhood educator. Upon completion of the program, candidates will be prepared to work in various childhood settings and upon passage of the Praxis and NES Exams, students should be prepared to be employed as an Elementary School Teacher.

Objectives — Upon completion of the program, candidates will demonstrate the abilities and responsibilities associated with leadership in the early childhood profession; working with children, families, communities, and organizations by:

  • Promoting child development and learning

  • Observing, documenting, assessing, and supporting young children

  • Using content knowledge to build meaningful curriculum

  • Building family and community relationships

  • Using developmentally effective approaches

  • Demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of an early childhood professional


Bachelor in Addictions Counseling

A degree program that provides an in-depth education from a Christian perspective for persons who desire to understand and/or serve addicted persons and their families. If you have a heart to help individuals and families break the cycle of addiction and find wholeness in Christ, then we challenge you to consider the Bachelor in Addictions Counseling.


Bachelor in Social Work

Designed to prepare social work students for generalist entry-level practice and provide opportunities for students to become world changers who have a desire to integrate personal faith and learning to maximize one’s ability to be of service to one’s fellow human being, this degree prepares students to be employed in social service agencies, businesses or organizations working with a wide variety of vulnerable populations.

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Certificate & Associate Degrees

Certificate & Associate Degrees

Certificate in Bible

The Certificate in Bible is awarded upon the completion of 33 semester hours. This program is designed for those students who desire the foundational education that a Bible college can provide, but who plan to pursue another course of study not currently offered at Mid-South Christian College.


Certificate in Christian Ministry in Bible/Preaching

The Certificate in Christian Ministry is awarded upon the completion of 66 semester hours. This program is designed for mature students who have past education and experience, which would compensate for a longer program. It will provide adequate preparation for such a student who wants to engage in a bi-vocational ministry or to serve after retirement from another vocation.


Associate Degrees

Programs offered:

  • Associate in Christian Ministry in Bible / Preaching

  • Associate in Christian Ministry in Bible / Missions 

  • Associate in Christian Ministry in Bible / Christian Education


Associate Degree programs are not designed to provide training for full-time leadership roles in ministry. They are designed for students who want to work in a supportive or assistant’s position, or who want to combine training for ministry with another vocation.


Objectives — Upon completion of an Associate Degree the student shall:

  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of the Bible and Christian doctrine.

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the principles and methods involved in his chosen area of ministry.

  • Demonstrate skills necessary to assist leaders in his chosen area of ministry.

  • Each of the seven Academic Core Learning Threads are applied to the Associate Degrees.

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