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Transferability of Credits

Transfer of Credits to MSCC

Students who transfer to Mid-South Christian College from a recognized institution of higher learning, defined as an accredited institution and/or one recognized by the ED, (generally not correspondence courses), will find their credits receive careful consideration from the Academic Dean for acceptance as meeting the requirements in place of comparable courses offered at MSCC. Courses eligible for transfer must reflect a grade of C- or higher. Criteria for course substitution eligibility is based on the institution from which it is granted, the credentials of the instructor, and an examination of the course requirements as found on the published syllabus for the class.

Transferring from MSCC to Another College

The receiving institution always controls transfer of credits from one institution to another. Therefore it is not possible for one institution to state what another institution will do. Past experience gives some indication of what may be expected in the future.


Generally credits from Mid-South Christian College are accepted by other Bible Colleges. Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, TN especially has expressed a readiness to transfer credits from MSCC into their programs.


Four-year graduates from MSCC are generally accepted into degree programs at Graduate Seminaries. In some cases they have been accepted into graduate programs of state universities.


While a state university may accept a Bible College degree as a basis for graduate study, they are less likely to accept Bible College credits toward a baccalaureate degree. A student who plans to take some Bible College work with the view to transferring that work to a secular college would be wise to consult the receiving institution.

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