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Three ways to give.

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Memphis, TN 38181

You can help students graduate debt free.

MSCC trained me in theological knowledge and practice of Christian leadership through the construction and execution of a ministerial project called the International Network for Outreach. I am currently working as a church planter for the Hispanic community through the Arkansas Church Planting Network. The hands-on experience we used in college has been an invaluable tool for our ministry because it has helped us plan, raise funds, and start planting a church in Fort Smith.

Luis Coro, c/o 2021

Luis Senior pic 1.jpg

MSCC has opened my eyes to both cultural needs in my community and Biblical opportunities, particularly in the field of teaching. I am more confident now in my faith than ever. I thank God for showing me this place and its people, staff and students alike, who are very dear to me.

— Noah Randolph, c/o 2020

Noah Randolph.JPG

I got to know the ministry I work with through one of the classes at MSCC.

Lismerlin Peralta, c/o 2021

Lismerlin in parking lot.jpg
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