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Rock Solid Ministries exists to revive the church in North America. Each year, their staff members travel an estimated 70,000 miles to 54 revivals. Since 2004, they have seen over 4,200 public decisions for Christ! Rock Solid does not charge for any of their services (revival meetings, supply preaching/worship, free literature). 


For several years Rock Solid Ministries has underwritten MSCC’s Ministers Appreciation Banquet. They invite you to participate on October 9, 2020, when once again they will partner with MSCC to honor the ministers and their wives serving in the Mid-South area. 


It used to be so easy. You announced a revival and 100 people showed up. You'd preach from the word and people would respond and be baptized." I heard this statement from a local minister recently. It's hard to describe how foreign the world he was describing sounded to me. Growing a church in America today is hard. Megachurch minister Andy Stanley recently said, "we are doing more than ever, better than ever, for fewer results."

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