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Never wonder again if the things you're studying matter.

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  • You want to learn how to create meaningful change.

  • You want to study the Bible more deeply.

  • You'd rather engage interesting books and big ideas than waste your time with dry, outdated books about what worked thirty years ago.

We're with you.


Traditional Ministry Degrees

These programs focus on classroom preparation to serve in the local church context as a preacher, Bible teacher, or even a cross-cultural missionary.


Bachelor of Christian Leadership

MSCC's flagship program is one that combines actual resumé building experience with classroom learning to provide a degree that is actually worth what you pay.

Dual Degree Program

Two Bachelor Degrees for the Price of One! These degrees are offered in conjunction with Indiana Wesleyan University. 


Certificate & Associates Degrees

Designed for students who want to work in a supportive or assistant role or who want to combine training for ministry with another vocation.


Academic Catalog

If you want the exact details of our current academic offerings you'll find them in our Academic Catalog linked below. 

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We're here to help you succeed!

Check out of Graduation and Retention Rates here and here.

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