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Student Life


A community you can be a part of.

It's a cliche that so many schools use but we really do believe it is true; here at Mid-South we are a family. Whatever your needs are we're here for you, whatever friends you're looking for you'll find them here. You're not just a number to us, not just another face in the crowd, at MSCC you're part of a family. 


At Mid-South we desire to help each student prepare for ministry, spiritually and emotionally, as well as academically. I hope and pray that you will find a spiritual family here that will help you grow and develop in your service in God's Kingdom.

- John Bliffen, Director of Student Services

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at MSCC


Christian Community

The friends you form in college are the kind of friends who will be around for life. At MSCC we give you a chance to get plugged in to an authentic Christian community. You'll be able to spend your days hanging out with people who share your values and can help push you to grow in your relationship with Jesus. 



Chapel is held once a week on Tuesday mornings and becomes a special time of sharing, learning, inspiration, and prayer. This past year’s program included missionaries to the Ukraine, local Hispanic pastors, new church planters, professors, MSCC alumni, testimonies and even theological debate. It's not just a few boring songs and a sermon we try to make chapel something that will actually help you. 


Spiritual Formation

Many Christian schools talk about their "Christian Curriculum" but few of those schools also focus on your spiritual health. We make a point of looking after our students mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. We do weekly Student Devo's in the dorms and our Director of Student Services, John Bliffen, has an open door policy when it comes to any pastoral care and counseling you might need.  


A Purposely Diverse Student Body

Mid-South Christian College is an entirely bi-lingual institution. Our entire curriculum is offered in both Spanish and English. That means if you want to experience real diversity this is the place to do it. Our student body is split about 50/50 between Hispanic and American students giving you an opportunity to experience a truly multicultural community (you might even pick up a little Spanish along the way).

Student Council


Because we're a small school our Student's have a REAL input in what happens at MSCC. Every decision from property renovations to academic direction is done in partnership with our student-led Student Council. We give you a real chance to have your voice heard here and our student council is one of the ways we help you do that.

Student Council
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Planning on living on campus? We'd love to have you here! Our dorm facilities are set up as 4 bedroom suites, each suite has two bathrooms and a kitchenette, as well as a large common living area. Limited married housing is also available. Check out our floor plans below!


Food Service

We are committed to making delicious food made with care. As a MSCC graduate, I understand the balance of studying and health. It’s my honor to serve you great food to help you focus, stay full and stay healthy.

As a department, we are focused on following all food safety guidelines for food preparation, storage and method to which we serve. Providing you with safe healthy food that helps maintain your mental and overall well-being.

When you are a Bible College Graduate turned Chef, you discover every moment within a kitchen is a moment of service. There’s just something so intricate and spiritual about the inner workings of a kitchen that truly inspires me. It’s always my hope that I am creating a kitchen environment that is more than a place where food is prepared.


—Chef Sarah, Director of Food Services

Food Service
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