What will it cost you?

  • Mid-South Christian College is the most affordable college in the state of Tennessee*

  • 50% of the cost of every program is subsidized by donations, which allows us to keep tuition low

  • Financial Aid is available (Scholarships, Pell Grants, Work Study)

  • Last year over 90% of MSCC students recieved Financial Aid 

  • Payment Plans to split up the cost for the semester are available

Breakdown of Costs

(per semester)

BCM, BCE, Associate and Certificate Programs




Room & Board: $1,700.00


Other  Fees:


Total Cost: $5,445

(assuming 16 credit hours)

BCL Program

BCL Package Rate 

(Tuition, Room and Board, Other Fees)

Total Cost: $4,600

(BCL is priced as a package rate only)

If you want to find out the costs for your specific situation use our Net Price Calculator Below!

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