Real Life 2019


It's a noisy world. Between the apps we use on a daily basis and the media we constantly digest, it can get overwhelming. What happens when you can't seem to turn the volume down?

In this day and age, our students are hearing so many things. Whether it's from the latest viral YouTube video or the next Top 40 Hit, we want to give students an opportunity to consider what they're listening to and how it's influencing their lives. Better yet, we want to teach students what it looks like to lean in, despite the distractions, and really consider God's Word.


The Real Life Youth Retreat is a two-day youth conference held at Mid- South Christian College in Memphis, TN. The retreat aims to assist and empower 6th - 12th grade students in their spiritual walks and development. Through high energy and interactive curriculum, worship, and recreation, Real Life Youth Retreat seeks to glorify God by providing an unforgettable weekend for youth groups all across the mid-south.



$35 a student for registration, four meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner), lodging (on campus), and entertainment.

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