Traditional Degree Programs

         You know you are called to minister to the church! Many people go into college not knowing exactly what they want to do with their life, but maybe the calling on your life is so strong that you know you are going to be a preacher, a Bible teacher, or even a cross cultural missionary.

          If this is the case then the traditional degree programs offered at Mid-South are guaranteed to get you ready to start ministering right away. These programs focus on classroom preparation to serve in the local church context along with the more traditional Bible college experience.

However, Mid-South is set apart from other traditional Bible colleges in a few key ways.

  • The small class sizes (5 students on average) guarantee that you will have access to professors at all times.

  • All professors at MSCC are currently ministering in various practical ways. This means that they have real world ministry experience to pass along to you.

  • MSCC is always committed to practical learning so the intent of the classes is to avoid the ivory tower, overly theological bent of many Christian higher education establishments.

  • A solid, biblically grounded curriculum equips you for your future ministry from day one.

There are two specific degree programs offered within the traditional path: 

  1. The Bachelor of Christian Ministry (BCM), a degree for those who wish to fulfill traditional vocational ministry roles within the church. 

  2. The Bachelor of Christian Education (BCE), a degree for those who wish to pursue careers in Christian Education.

Bachelor of Christian Ministry

Graduate ready to minister to the Church 

Preaching/Pastoral Ministry Concentration

Objectives: Upon completion of a degree program including the courses in this concentration, the student shall:

  • Demonstrate his ability to use verbal and exegetical skills in an oral presentation of the gospel.

  • Demonstrate his ability to perform the traditional duties of a Christian minister by officiating at regular and special services of the church, weddings and funerals, and administering the program of a local congregation.

  • Demonstrate his ability to work with people on an individual basis through personal evangelism, teaching and counseling.

  • Demonstrate by attitude, study and work habits his commitment to the preaching ministry and the local church as God's means of proclaiming redemption in Christ.



Church Growth/Missions Concentration

The degree program in Church Growth/Missions is structured as an interdisciplinary program, splitting the 22 semester hours of ministry concentration between 18-19 semester hours in Church Growth/Missions courses and 3-4 semester hours in one of the following ministry areas: Christian Communications, Christian Education, or Preaching.

Objectives: Upon completion of a degree program including the courses in this concentration, the student shall:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Biblical basis, historical development and current trends in missions.

  • Give evidence by activities in and out of the classroom that he possesses a strong commitment to evangelize the lost throughout the world.

  • Explain the world views of the major religions of the world.

  • Be able to direct a local congregation into greater participation in supporting world evangelism.

  • Demonstrate that he is equipped to function and communicate effectively in his own culture or another cultural group through mastering courses dealing with such skills and/or through participation in on-the-field experience.

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Bachelor of Christian Education

Graduate ready to teach the Bible

Objectives: Upon completion of a degree program including the courses in this concentration, the student shall:

  • Articulate a philosophy of Christian Education in the local church, based upon Biblical principles.

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify the basic characteristics, psychological and spiritual needs of each age group and select the most appropriate teaching methods of each.

  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and develop an appropriate curriculum for a complete Christian Education program in a local church.

  • Demonstrate his/her ability to teach the Word of God effectively in the local church.

  • Demonstrate adequate leadership skills necessary for organizing and supervising an effective educational program in the local church.

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