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Graduate with a resumé not just a degree

MSCC’s flagship degree program is the Bachelor of Christian Leadership. This degree program is one that combines actual resume building experience with classroom learning to provide a degree that is actually worth what you pay. We understand that many times you might not know what you want to do after graduation, or maybe you do know but you don’t want to wait four years before you can get out there and start making a difference in the kingdom. The BCL addresses both of those concerns. 

Here is how it works:

MSCC has prepared me for my future in more ways than I can count. Because of the practical nature of the program, I know that I have the skills to do pretty much anything I put my mind to. 

- Nick Griffin 

Step 1: 
We recruit a small team of 5-10 incoming freshmen. These teams are recruited with specific interests and ministry goals in mind. Upon enrolling at MSCC you will be placed on one of these teams that matches your interests, whether it is a team we are actively recruiting or one that we form from scratch because we have enough people with similar interests. For example, we are currently recruiting a sports ministry team and a creative arts team, but if we have enough incoming students interested in another area of focus we will create a team with that emphasis. 

Step 2: 
This team will become your cohort and family throughout the next four years. You take classes together and learn alongside each other, learning valuable team building skills as well as practical ministry skills. 

Step 3: 
Your team will work together to envision a ministry that you want to start based on your shared interests. Then, throughout your next four years, Mid-South helps you actually make that ministry a reality.  

Step 4: 
MSCC will walk you through the entire process of planning, fundraising, and implementation. We’ve walked other teams through it in the past and we use the experience we have gained to make your dream a reality.

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Creative Arts Ministry

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Check out some of the past BCL Teams

- Avenue Coffee -

Avenue Coffee is a college outreach ministry started by the very first Mid-South BCL team. It's mission is to reach college aged students with the gospel through open and honest everyday conversations. It is still a fully functioning coffee shop and ministry near the University of Memphis and was recently voted one of the top coffee shops in the city of Memphis.

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