Proven Process to Success

01 Apply


Most college applications are long, tedious, and confusing. We wanted to avoid all of that with your application to Mid-South Christian College. So we have created a simple application with 3 quick and easy steps.

Section One: Personal Info

This section is where we get your basic personal info. Name, address, email, year of high school graduation etc. It's pretty straight forward. We just want to know who you are. 

Section Two: Spiritual Info

This section is about your personal spiritual life. We are a Christian college after all. it includes questions about your walk with Christ, and has details about The MSCC Code of conduct. 

Section Three: Transcript and


This section is where we get your High School Transcript or Past College Transcripts and three References: 


  1. Spiritual Reference (Pastor, Youth Leader, Elder, Deacon, Sunday School Teacher)

  2. Academic Reference (Teacher, Professor)

  3. Personal Reference (Boss, Supervisor, Family Friend)

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02 Learn 

We have developed a proven 4 year process, so you only take certain types of classes each of your four years. Each year builds upon the last in a way that leads to a well rounded education upon graduation. 

Check out how the 4 years are laid out below. 

Year One : Team Building 
You’ll learn the characteristics and skills needed to efficiently work in a team—lessons that will benefit you in any job you’ll have for the rest of your life. You also develop your ministry idea and by the end of the year, choose what your team wants to do. 



03 Launch 

The goal of every Mid-South Degree is to help you launch your ministry and graduate ready to launch your life.


Check out some examples of ministries that have been launched out of MSCC below. 

- Avenue Coffee -

Avenue Coffee is a college outreach ministry started by the very first Mid-South BCL team. It's mission is to reach college aged students with the gospel through open and honest everyday conversations. It is still a fully functioning coffee shop and ministry near the University of Memphis and was recently voted one of the top coffee shops in the city of Memphis.

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