3 Steps

to make your college search easy

1. Forget what you’ve been told.

It is easy to get stressed out about choosing a college.  Your high school counselor, your teachers, your parents, and your peers are all probably telling you this is a crucial decision for your future life.  If you don’t choose the right major, a prestigious college, and a competitive program you could harm your ability to get a good paying job, and you might never be able to achieve your dreams in life.

Not really true!  Your success in life depends much more on your abilities, personality, experience, and work ethic than they do on the piece of paper you get after graduation.  It is important to get a college degree because it tells prospective employers that you have what it takes to successfully complete a program.  But, in all reality, they are much more concerned to see that you got a degree than they are in the name of the school, or even the major.

Don’t stress out!  Most of the time the extra expense, effort, and heartache put into getting into a “prestigious” university is wasted.  Focus on being a good student and finishing what you start.  That is an investment that will pay off for the rest of your life.

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